Hand Block Printed Sarees

Hand block Printed sarees are famous all over the world for their prints. The work of printing on them is done by hand on the cloth with wooden blocks. Their impressions are printed on some parts of the sarees in different shapes and colors; on the remaining parts, these special timepieces are not there. And on hand block printed saree, this work is done on 150 thread count fabric. Because weaving of hand-printed fabric is also of equal importance. Hand block printing is possible only if it is in the correct thread.

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Types of Printing in Hand Block Printed Sarees

  1. Bagru Hand Block Print

In Bagru Hand Block Printing, the printing work is done with wooden blocks having different designs and colors. And in this, the process of printing is simple and easy. Bagru’s hand block printed sarees are known for their printing in India.

  1. Ajrakh Print

Ajrakh print is different from Bagru’s hand block print. In this the process of printing is different. Because of this resistance salt technology is used, which can print only on certain parts of the clothes. In this the blocks of printing patterns are complex.

  1. Sanganeri Print

The floral print is used in Sanganer print. And the printing of sarees on them is of dark color. The main reason for which is more availability of water in Sanganer.

  1. Dabu Print

Dabu print is used for traditional ethnic printing. But Daboo Print is used on home decor products. Dabu print looks similar to batik but different printing techniques are used in both.

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