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Silk sarees

Silk sarees are the type of style and beauty. Providing every woman displaying the six yards of beautiful fabric to have a red carpet moment of her own every free time. Experienced weavers weave each square inch of a saree, bringing inspiration from regional landscapes, flora, wildlife, and art. A sari is typically six meters long but could extend to nine meters for certain traditional drapes such as the South Indian madisar style or Maharashtrian kasta style.

History of Sarees:-

The Indian silk sarees have been existing for nearly 5,000 years. It is considered in various Indus Valley Civilization writings (2800 to 1800 BC). Women wore a three-piece garment call ‘sattika’ back in the day. From which the sari is thought to have evolved. A dhoti-like robe, a chest band, and a veil worn over the shoulder made up the three-piece costume.

For years, the Indian sari has been a part of our culture, and it has evolved over time. With each region developing its own unique design and draping style. There are around 80 draping types available now. Not to mention the several indo-western styles that are all the rage on social media.

Sarees Types Across The Country

In India, there is no shortage of originality or diversity. Both of which are reflected in a plethora of regional saris that never fail to enchant saree connoisseurs. Each regional design has a history and has evolved over centuries to produce a stunning online saree selection.

Here are descriptions of saree types that you could lay your hands on, on


Beautiful Chanderi sarees may be found in the Madhya Pradesh town of the same name. It is well-known for its handloom industry. These saris are a construct of a silk and cotton combination with zari geometric designs woven close together.

Banarasi –

A Banarasi sari is a must-have for each Indian bride’s trousseau. These are genuine silk saris with elegant gold or silver brocade designed by Varanasi artisans. Intricate motifs inspired by Mughal art and architecture cover the exquisite silk.

Soft Silk

The perfect mix of traditional and modern style is soft silk. The fabric is light and delicate. With a natural brilliance thanks to the use of little zari. Overall, these saris have an elegant drape and a refined appearance.

Kota Doriya Sarees, Linen Cotton Sarees, and Mul Mul Cotton Sarees are other types of silk sarees.

Saree Style Guide

The Nivi style, which originated in the Deccan region. It is the most popular of the 80 or so saree drape styles. This draping shape is easy to wear, comfy, and creates a slim silhouette that ladies adore. The need for Indian women to adapt to a British-dominated culture at the time while keeping their Indian identity led to the creation of this particular drape. Hundreds of years later, the drape is still fashionable at fashion shows, movies, worldwide red carpet events, weddings, parties, and college activities. Aside from the drape style, there are a few other factors to consider when styling a saree:

Early Morning Events

For early morning meetings or family gatherings, pastel or light tones are ideal. Linen, silk cotton, chiffon, and other similar fabrics would offer a classy touch to your ensemble. To add a touch of glitz to your saree, pair it with exquisite pearls or Kundan earrings. The pastel color appearance is appropriate for family gatherings, but a wedding in the early morning would necessitate expensive Kanchipuram or Banarasi sarees, particularly for the bride and her mother. A statement choker and earrings, as well as an attractive long chain, can be worn with the bridal saree.

Mid-Day Meetings

With mid-day occasions, you can step up your saree game by opting for a silk number on the darker side of the color spectrum. At any mid-day event or conference, an orange, red, green, or blue saree in silk, cotton silk, or any silk blend would look exquisite. Sarees with complementing embroidery, lacework, or sequined borders will give magic to an otherwise simple saree mood for an outdoor occasion.

Evening Parties

Don’t be afraid to go all out for evening celebrations, choosing bold dark tones with rich embroidery and embellishments, conspicuous yet exquisite designs, and regal borders. When it comes to a party wear saree, modesty is not an option. A black saree in silk or georgette, combined with a stylish blouse, layered neckpiece, and dark red lip color, is ideal for a cocktail party. possesses an exquisite collection of silk, cotton silk, chiffon, and linen in prints, embroidery, zari, and so on. From everyday wear to festive wear, Getshoppings has everything you need to build a wardrobe that suits your taste and lifestyle also.

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