Which Count is Soft Cotton Sarees?

Which Count is Soft Cotton Sarees? When it comes to buying clothes, whatever type it is, you will find them in the market at different prices. When people think that why the same clothes have different prices, then thread count comes in handy there. Yes, thread count refers to the quality of the weave of the fabric. What kind of quality does that cloth have. It contains Percale and Sateen. Which refers to the weaving of the cloth and the fineness of the cloth. The threads in the clothes show their soft and shiny nature. So which one is better? The answer is no because it is a matter of personal interest.

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There are also different types of soft cotton sarees available in the market like cotton mulmul sarees, pompom sarees, chanderi cotton sarees, Kota Doria cotton sarees, and linen cotton sarees. Now the question comes which type of cotton saree to buy. So the simple answer is, that you can estimate the quality of the cotton sari by checking the numbers of the threads. In cotton sarees, you can find thread counts up to 60, 90, 120, 150, and 180. So you can estimate the average price of a cotton saree based on these threads. And you can make your shopping simple and easy.

Do Threads Count Matter To Quality?

Whether threads matter for quality then its simple answer is yes. Because at the time of weaving of the cloth, the threads mean the weaving of the cloth vertically and horizontally. The higher the thread count of the fabric, the better it will be in quality. You will find the fabric of 60 to 180 threads count in the market. But the threads count of average quality fabric in the market will be 100. Which you will get at the price of 600 to 900. You can buy this average-quality fabric at an affordable price from our store.

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