Bhool Bhulaiyaa Movie Review

Maybe I’ve completely lost my head. Or maybe I kinda-sorta enjoyed Bhool Bhulaiyya 2 y’all. WAIT DON’T CANCEL ME SUNOOO! Heyyyy, welcome back! , yahaan hum filmon ki, shows ki, pop culture ki baatein kartey hain, toh aao review padhe, Bhool Bhulaiyaa 2 ka. Directed by Anees Bazmee, Bhool Bhulaiyaa is a giant mainstream horror-comedy nonsense. A boy … Read more

Kennedy Movie Review 

Is Anurag Kashyap getting to tell the story he wants, the way he wants to? Isn’t that the best-case scenario? Hey y’all, my name is Sucharita! Today we are talking about Anurag Kashyap’s Kennedy, fresh from Cannes 2023. Kennedy shuru hoti hai with a note from the filmmaker, setting up the movie, nudging us in the direction he wants … Read more

Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse Movie Review

Are there too many superhero movies about too many multiverses? Yes, it seems like that’s the only thing every Marvel movie right now is talking about. But if you HAVE to highlight alternate realities, then this sort of visual storytelling frankly is the only acceptable one. Hey y’all, my name is Sucharita. Today we’re talking … Read more

Bloody Daddy Movie Review

Is there anything more mid than a movie trailer unsure of itself? Dikhataa hua joh 300 baar dekh chuke hain, not a whiff of freshness. Is there anything more satisfying than watching the actual movie be much MUCH better than the trailer? Hey y’all, my name is Sucharita, aaj baat kar rahe hain about Ali Abbas … Read more

Extraction 2 Movie Review 

21 minutes ki action sequence, 21 minutes ki action sequence. Once enough people have watched this movie on Netflix, all anyone is going to be talking about is the 21 minute, seemingly 1 take action sequence. And we’ll also get to it, hai kaafi incredible, but baaki bhi hai discuss karne. Hey y’all, my name … Read more

Adipurush Movie Review

Jitni kharaab movie hoti hai, mere phone mein utne zyaada notes hote hain. This Adipurush review has pretty much written itself. Hey y’all, my name is Sucharita. Today we are talking about Prabhas, Kriti Sanon, Saif Ali Khan starrer Adipurush. Om Raut ki Ramayan adaptation Adipurush shuru hoti hai with a disclaimer longer than my … Read more

Kandahar Movie Review 

A big-budget, big-action, big-movie star lead project. And yet feels like an Indie? Matlab thodi big scale promotions bhi honi chahiye thi, no? Hey y’all, my name is Sucharita. Today we’re talking about Gerard Butler, Ali Fazal Starrrer, Rick Roman Waugh’s movie, Kandahar, now streaming on Amazon Prime Video. Gerard Butler is Tom Harris, jisko … Read more

Origin Movie Review

Do filmein mujhey harr haal mein dekhni thi Toronto mein. Miyazaki ki The Boy and The Heron, Ava DuVernay ki Origin. Kaafi perspective-altering experiences. Dono. Aaj let’s talk about Aunjanue Ellis starrer Origin, adapted from Isabell Wilkerson’s book Caste: The Origins of Our Discontent, written and directed by Ava DuVernay. The story begins with a … Read more

Kill Movie Review

Extreme gore is not a genre I enjoy or appreciate a whole lot. But as one must watch a movie for what it is, and you come across one that is so well made, toh personal compunctions ko side mein rakhna is best.Dekho this next TIFF movie is a full-on desi local masala Indian film. … Read more

Thank You for Coming Movie Review

I occasionally wonder why “Women Telling Women’s Stories” resonates with you all so much. Then a film like this comes along, instantly reminding me why. Bhumi Pednekar is Kanika, raised by a gynecologist mother and a grandmother, and has spent most of her life screwing up romantic relationships. We are told in passing she is … Read more